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However, he is consistently there for her as a loyal friend and Rory's surrogate father, while admiring Lorelai from behind the counter.Lorelai and Luke's friendship goes way back to before the series began.During the end of season one, things become more then just friendly between Luke and Lorelai, after relying on Luke for support during Richard Gilmore's health troubles at Christmas and when Rory's school project goes amiss, Lorelai begins to question how close they have become.

After a broken marriage, Scott again got blessed with another romantic relationship with actress Kristine Saryan.Sherman-Palladino had left the show by then, and not only were the fans left wanting more, the cast had to shoot the last episode without knowing whether or not they’d be coming back for another season.Time for a quick check on what they’re all up to these days.Today, as a small gesture to the music lovers of Scott Patterson we shall be revealing details about his wife, previous relationship, and net worth.At an early age of 25 years, Scott Patterson got married to Vera Davich, a high school student in 1983.