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This means that someone say, whose mother converted 30 years ago, can come to the .However, where there is need, for example a candidate is ill or disabled, a court is arranged at individual synagogues.Our workshops also give boys and young men critical opportunities to become positive role models and respectful relationship partners.We reach those at risk and those who have been victimized, opening dialogue for youth to talk about their relationships and learn how to help themselves or a friend.

While most Arabs and Persians could not speak Russian, Greek, or Italian, Jews in Persia, Arabia, and Europe all knew enough Hebrew to communicate with each other.Today, the Jewish population in China is approximately 2,500.- Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) - The Jin Dynasty (1127-1233) - Mongolia Invasion & Yuan Dynasty (1233, 1279-1368) - Golden Age During the Ming Years (1368-1644) - Practice of Judaism in Kaifeng (960-1850) - Chinese Jews Outside Kaifeng Before Modern Times (718-1600) - Decline under the Qing Dynasty (1642-1912) - Pien-Liang (Kiafeng) - Harbin - Shanghai - Beijing - Hong Kong - Jewish Community Today - Community Contacts For hundred of years, the Silk Road served as a link between East and West.We are delighted to Co-Sponsor this program with BIJC, PJ Library, Ner Shalom Saplings Chavurah, Gan Israel, & J School! Celebrate a birth, graduation, wedding or anniversary. Phase One of our Laser Engraved Brick Project will replace the currentpavers in the backyard under the Sukkah.BIJC GIFT SHOPDon't forget the High Holidays are coming!! Honor an outstanding event or member of the community. Pricing:4"x8" brick - 0 - 3 lines of text, 20 characters per line4"x8" brick with clip art - 0 - 3 lines of text, 15 characters per line 8"x8" brick - 5 - 6 lines of text, 20 characters per line8"x8" brick with clip art - 5 - 4 lines of text, 20 characters per line Hebrew lettering is available for an additional on either size brick. Check future bulletins for details and opening sales date. The Libicki family has invited the B'nai Israel community.