Gay dating and relationship advice

I also like how in the book he really explains steps and has fill in spots where you can really analyze your characteristics and perhaps where you need to improve in your dating experience.

After reading his book I can say that I'm definitely more confident in reentering the dating world!

It goes without saying that not all of these suggestions are founded in a depth of quality experience. Regardless of sexuality, gender, or personal preference for specific physical traits, it is difficult to generalize and provide solid answers to problems that arise between two people that are trying to make it work.

Nonetheless, there are guidelines that apply specifically to gay relationships that we can employ in attempting to console our friends in need, or to help those who are seeking a relationship.

Have you purposely excluded someone from your friendship circle because you think that he’s not good enough to be your friend?

Grant Wheaton is the owner and founder of Man Mate, the oldest and largest personalized gay introduction service in America.

Since 1985, worked with over 4,000 men and successfully introduced hundreds of couples and soulmates in the process.

It's written in a very easygoing, humorous, and conversational style, which I liked for the most part.

Despite having a few good stories from the dating trenches, I do not think this book provides a real plan to succeed in gay dating.