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Fianarantsoa Province (Fianarantsoa, Ambositra, Ambalavao, Andringitra National Park, Ranomafana National Park) The area south of the capital is home to rain forests and mountains, and relatively accessible via RN7.

Toamasina Province (Toamasina, Vatomandry, Ile aux Nattes, Andasibe-Mantadia National Park) This province is home to Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, where the Indri lemurs sing, as well as some less-visited destinations along the eastern coast.

“The international community, the Malagasy people, the government and all stakeholders will overcome the challenges posed by Enawo,” said Mr Bary Rafatrolaza, the Malagasy Foreign Affairs deputy minister.

This week marks the first-ever World Lemur Festival in Madagascar, which will culminate in World Lemur Day on October 31.

This event is intended to raise awareness of the importance of these wonderful creatures both across Madagascar and around the world. Well, aside from being delightful, beautiful creatures that are part of the mammalian order Primates of which we ourselves are members, they are also a major economic asset for a country historically plagued by poverty and political instability.

In 2009, a political coup resulted in five years of chaos and natural resource destruction.Welcome to, the Free International Online Dating Site and Chat App to find International Single Men and Women!Search through our International Personal Ads to find International Singles in your area!This applies not just to individual species, but also to unique genera and entire families, meaning that Madagascar is home to entire evolutionary lineages (some of them dating back 90 million years or more) found nowhere else on the planet.For those of you who might have missed the three Dreamworks animated films in the “Madagascar” series, or who have not seen any of the various nature documentaries on them, lemurs are a distinct group of primates found only on Madagascar.