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Modest Rocker Keanu describes himself as "not an air guitar afficionado", but admits that "when you first hear that chord or that moment in the song when the electric guitar cuts in, or blazes out, once in a while you just got to strum all those strings in the air." So rock on. Literary Keanu, aka Dracula Keanu (Bram Stoker's Dracula, 1992) When Keanu isn’t making many different faces on stage and screen, he is hiding his face behind a book.

He’s so intelligent and he really was interested in working with actors.

As he arrives at the lab, he sees a van leaving and hears alarms coming from the lab.

He runs inside to find Alistair with a plastic bag over his head and Chen nowhere to be found.

Eddie Kasalivich (Keanu Reeves) is a student machinist working with a team from the University of Chicago to obtain clean energy from water by efficiently splitting the hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

While working at home, Eddie inadvertently discovers the secret. Lily Sinclair (Rachel Weisz) tries to leave the lab but her car battery is dead.