Sonny and chad dating

But the move from her native Midwestern home to the hills of Hollywood doesn't quite lead to the warm welcome she anticipated -- especially from the show's beautiful star, Tawni Hart (Tiffany Thornton), who sees Sonny's arrival as a threat.

I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, given the fact that the producers of SWAC are the same as A&A, and that I, on former posts, have stated my love for both shows, I can’t help but to notice some similarities with certain episodes.

Promises and Prom-misses - Tickets & Trashbags Girl comes in wearing a fancy dress and thinks boy is wowing her but he is actually not paying attention to her.

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Parents need to know that, on the whole, this fun series is a refreshing addition to the competitive tween market.

Tweens will enjoy the kids' antics, and parents can be happy that the exchange of practical jokes is about as iffy as the content gets (though at least one of the pranks involves posting mildly embarrassing pictures on the Internet, which is a form of cyberbullying).

When the studio decides it's time to end the Random/Falls feud, Chad is set up to "date" a "So Random" cast member to give the appearance that the shows are finally getting along.

Guess Who’s Coming to Guest Star - Girlfriends & Girl Friends Girl realizes she’s in love with the boy, tries to deny it in front of him.

Sonny: So Far - Tunes & trials They discuss their feelings and even though they like each other, they don’t get together.

Sonny With a Chance of Dating - Campers & Complications Sonny/Ally goes on a date with a guy, Chad/Austin gets jealous, then she realizes the guy is not right for her.

At the end, she has an almost kiss with Chad/Austin.