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“We didn’t build this; it wasn’t like there was some great parenting strategy to make this happen.

It was just the chemistry in the house—we listened to a lot of rock in their early years, plus they got bored because we lived out in the country where there was little to do when you don’t have cable.

Kid sis Stacy stops tinkling her ivories, and brother Weston stops slapping the skins.

Even longtime chum/bassist Jonathan Wilson is mystified — where is that white noise coming from?

And ever since I’ve been living for Stephen Mc Gee’s commentary on all the Summer House antics.

Needless to say, I was pumped to listen to Stassi interviewing Stephen on her podcast.

The more likely application, though, lies in the definition of the word current as that which is reflective of the present day.To be sure, given that Chantelle, Sherri and Staci are all now happily-married mothers of young children, their most recent offering almost surely draws at least part of its inspiration from their less-angst-filled situations as of late.Straight-ahead harder-driving tracks like "Save My Soul," which sounds almost as if it could have been a outtake, do appear once or twice during the proceedings.Using Dupree as a stand-in for God, and their broken relationship as a vehicle through which to discuss mortality and judgment, Lacey gives the listener a front-row seat to his argument with Heaven. Standing in the rubble of a broken engagement, Lacey looks around and quotes Rudyard Kipling:“Is it in you now to watch the things you gave your life to broken / And stoop and build them up with worn-out tools?On this record there is condemnation and there are pleas for mercy. ”Is there a better metaphor for the Law than a worn-out tool?