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Earl King VI (script DKwi-HB ) 🔴 Episode ♤ The Major (script DKwi-It ) 🔴 Episode ♤ Tom Keen ( script DKwi-JP ) 🔴 Episode ♤ The Longevity Initiative ( script DKwi-LE ) 🔴 Episode ♤ Vanessa Cruz ( script DKwi-MT ) 🔴 Episode ♤ Leonard Caul ( script DKwi-Ps ) 🔴 Episode ♤ Quon Zhang ( script DKwi-RL ) 🔴 Episode ♤ Karakurt ( script DKwi-Ub ) 🔴 Episode ♤ Tom Connolly ( script DKwi-Wi ) 🔴 Script: 2:1 Lord Baltimore Last updated: 8/8/2015 Program air date: 9/22/2014 in the US Permalink: DKwi-1e2 Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: NBC Episode Plot Summary: UA Created by: Jon Bokenkamp Director: Michael W Watkins Writers: Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath Blurb Red starts out in Cameroon trying to get the name of the bounty hunter Berlin has hired to find him. – And the 10 to get yourself in – [ Gunfire, shouting ] A-hmm, hmm And I hear it’s tight ‘Most every night Man: Yeah! Yaabari: I told you if I ever found you in my territory again, I’d kill you. [ Speaking Bantu ] Red: Tell him to put the gun down. And while your prepubescent ruffians may not know it, they brought me here to strike a deal that could benefit all of us. Red: A man calling himself Berlin hired a bounty hunter to find me and my associates. I’ve since dispatched of him, but if Berlin hired one bounty hunter, he hired five.

But now I might be mistaken A-hmm, hmm, hmm [ Guitar solo ] [ Cheering ] [ Indistinct conversations ] Red: [ Chuckling ] Oh, my stars. Red: Tell the boy not to pull on the brim of the hat. [ Shouting in Bantu ] [ Yaabari shoots man ] Red: I’m glad to know you’re a man of decisive action.

Let’s start the Shadowhunters recap by fangirling over that awesome new intro.

"I'm glad you guys don't follow the other podcasts which are mostly boring and too formal. Three TV watchers giving 3 differents opinions for fun and exciting recaps on The Walking Dead, Preacher, Fear The Walking Dead, Preacher, Westworld, Stranger Things and other irrelevant topics! The Arcade is the flagship culture podcast from the award-winning Hazlitt Magazine.

⭕ For the episode script ⋙ click the episode ♤NAME ⭕ For the episode script with full detail & added features ⋙ use the LINK. [ Men shouting in Bantu ] Red: Typically, I steer clear of tin-pot dictators who employ boy soldiers, but I’m afraid this situation is unique.

🔴 Episode 2:1 ♤ Lord Baltimore (script DKwi-1e2) 🔴 Episode 2:2 ♤ Monarch Douglas Bank (script DKwi-1e0) 🔴 Episode 2:3 ♤ Dr James Covington (script DKwi-1c Y) 🔴 Episode 2:4 ♤ Dr Linus Creel (script DKwi-1cj) 🔴 Episode 2:5 ♤ The Front (script DKwi-1c3) 🔴 Episode 2:6 ♤ The Mombasa Cartel (script DKwi-1bj) 🔴 Episode 2:7 ♤ The Scimitar (script DKwi-19T) 🔴 Episode 2:8 ♤ The Decembrist (script DKwi-13k) 🔴 Episode 2:9 ♤ Luther Braxton (script DKwi-15r) 🔴 Episode ♤ Luther Braxton – Conclusion (script DKwi-15A) 🔴 Episode ♤ Ruslan Denisov (script DKwi-DM) 🔴 Episode ♤ The Kenyon Family (script DKwi-Fd) 🔴 Episode ♤ The Deer Hunter (script DKwi-Fs ) 🔴 Episode ♤ T. [ Indistinct shouting ] ♫ Haw, haw, haw, haw Well, I hear it’s fine – If you’ve got the time – Ha! [ Speaking Bantu ] [ Man holds gun to Red’s head ] Red: Well, now you’re being shortsighted.

[♫ Caught a Ghost’s “No Sugar In My Coffee” plays ] Don’t want no sugar in my coffee It makes me mean, Lord, it makes me mean (Don’t want no) ♫ Well, you can trace Lines in your face But that’s the way that your spirit makes you walk Though you hate To see it gone This old world’s just put days on your floor ♫ And all I’ve seen And all you’ve done All it means, we’ll be sorry when you’re gone Red: [ Chuckles ] Did you take a different route? And in the hands of the wrong person, that could be deadly.

Ressler: That’s great, but we have a thing here – Reddington only talks with Elizabeth Keen. Every piece of information is worth something to somebody. He’s made an art of combing through cyberspace, finding the status updates, financial records, and location blips that virtually everyone leaves behind in the modern age.