Updating a navman

How do I do this and get the latest maps/speed camera's on my satnav, is there anything I need to buy or download? You can download map updates for your model directly from there.

Also do you know how I can get european maps on this model, I'm going to France soon. It will tell you if European maps are available for your model.

by danwarne | May 11, 2011 Heading overseas and planning to drive while you're there?

Adding additional maps to the GPS is done either by connecting it to a computer and using the manufacturer's app to download a new map to the device, or buying a physical memory card and inserting it into the GPS navigator's card slot.

We'll then let you know which parts and spares are compatible.

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If it's an accessory you require for a Navman F-series sat nav, please see Navman F-Series accessories.

Please note: There may be other models/versions of the Navman F-series e.g.

To find the right maps for your Navman sat nav simply either click on your Navman series range e.g.

Navman F-Series maps on the list to the left or scroll down to find it below.