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I shouldn't need to go back but I need to plan for this if I do. Click Create forward and reverse lookup zones (recommended for large networks), and then click Next. Click Yes, create a forward lookup zone now (recommended), and then click Next. Click Primary zone, click to select the Store the zone in Active Directory (available only if DNS server is a domain controller) check box, and then click next. Click the appropriate replication scope option, and then click next. c.) Click do not allow dynamic updates if all updates to this zone are to be made manually. For example, if your IP address is .10, and the subnet mask is, the network address portion of the IP address is . Typically you would use this option if you use your ISP's DNS server for external name resolution queries.In this article, we’ll talk about the steps to configure forward lookup zone in Server 2012 R2.As we know that DNS is used for name resolution, it resolves host name to IP address and IP address to host name.The DSf W DNS servers that are introduced at child domains must have forward list set to at least two trusted forest root domain DSf W DNS Servers.The forest root domain DSf W DNS servers must be made authoritative (primary) for all the reverse lookup zones and for all the forward zones if a delegate zone approach is not possible.

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In old post, we already talked about the steps to install DNS server in Windows Server 2012 r2.

The first domain controller in the tree hosts the DNS server by default.

For other DSf W installations, such as child and additional domain controllers, the DNS server is optional and is not enabled by default.

Ensure that you create the necessary reverse zones for all of the subnets used in your environment, using the DNS/DHCP Management Console.

The designated primary for a zone (forward or reverse) that is under the DSf W domain must be the server that handles the dynamic updates.